I first gathered reference materials including game screenshots and a concept image by Runic Games pictured to the left. By studying lighting, form, and texture, I was able to get a better sense for how to create a piece that would fit within the world of Hob. Next I sketched out some ideas and quickly transitioned to Maya.

After noticing the smooth curves of many of the platform edges within Hob, I created modular pieces in Illustrator, as that quickly allowed me to create uniform shapes and curves. I then imported that vector image into Maya and extruded those shapes to create a modular set. The same technique was used for the door pictured below. While some cleanup was needed, this workflow allowed me to create intricate platforms in a fraction of the time.

After blocking out the main temple I slowly added more details and began UVing each piece for texturing. Once I figured out the composition I wanted, I added more set pieces and set up lighting to achieve the final image.